In-house calibration solutions


When manufacturing in-house, customer-specific standard solutions, the customers themselves provide the starting product or its in-house basic mass, such as:

Buttermilk, cappuccino, fruit sour milk, sweetened yoghurt, oat drink, cocoa milk, cat milk, lactose-free long-life milk, skimmed milk concentrate, skimmed milk permeate / retentate, whey concentrate, vanilla milk, etc.

Unless there are two different calibration concentrations for the same calibration product, we create another individual calibration range, for example by diluting the basic mass. In principle, all examination parameters relevant to the dairy industry can be analysed.

At least two different calibration concentrations are the basic requirement for creating a calibration. The basic masses are filled in our house in suitable, marked containers and shock-frozen.

After the examination in an accredited laboratory, we send the calibration solution to the customer. The shipment takes place in insulated crates with the addition of dry ice.

Depending on the quality of the starting product, the shelf life can be set at at least one year. Customers are thus able to calibrate their IR device with these basic dimensions for a year.

The scope of delivery includes the respective calibration solutions, the original test report from the accredited analysis laboratory, as well as the delivery note and invoice. Of course, we undertake to keep the data of the in-house calibration solutions confidential.